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Client Testimonials

I had the honor of having my first official Minister of Music assignment this morning!! Boy was I nervous playing somewhere other than my home church.  My Granny shared her gift of playing with countless churches as long as the Lord allowed her to.  I not only had people praying my strength this morning, I prayed, and asked my Granny to guide my hands.  All went well...great in fact. I've been asked to serve every 4th Sunday! #HeDidThat! A huge thank you to my piano instructor and prayer warrior Jonette Jackon!!! Outside of my Granny, there's no other instructor I'd rather have!!!

- Lisa M. Thomas

Thank you for always going the extra mile. We Love and Appreciate you. 

- Jocelyn Williams

Today the girls started taking piano lessons with Jonette Jackson.  They had some much fun. 

-NaTonya Robinson Williams

Your search is over!!!  Jonette Jackson...what a force!!!  She is magnificent at her craft and gifted beyond belief. While that should be enough to encourage you to strengthen your musical talents under her direction, there are so many other blessings you would be in store for. I was blessed to grow up with an amazing grandmother who also had the gift of music, not only sharing it with her family, but also with scores of churches by way of worship and providing piano lessons.  I never dreamed of taking lessons from anyone else because that was a space that was sacred. Not merely a time to learn how to play, but in itself, a time to worship. Jonette has been a blessing to a foundation that was begun long ago. She has helped me to fulfill a desire that I have had since my grandmother’s passing in 2004.  I wanted to be able to lead my church in worship at the very piano that she did for so many years. I wanted to go out and assist other churches in song and praise just as my grandmother did for most of her life. God’s servant, Mrs. Jonette Jackson, has spearheaded that into a reality!  She has become so much more than my piano instructor. She has been a counselor and a prayer warrior.  You will get exactly what you need when you are with her.  Now, as she has blossomed into a friend, an abundance takes place during our lessons because she will challenge you!  She loves to see your progression and hear your ideas. But, she will stretch you out of your comfort zone and even what you may have believed to be impossible, becomes her reality and eventually yours!  It is a blessing to be a part of her blessing!  So come, join our family. You too will one day soon tickle those ivories, laugh, pray, roll your eyes, and adopt the saying...”Oh I think I’ve learned enough for today!”  Blessings on your musical journey!  Look no’ve found the right friend, Jonette Jackson!


Lisa Thomas, Adult Student 

Studying with me for 3 years 

Student Progress

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